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Since you are visiting our website, we assume you are interested in travelling to Estonia. You have come to the right place. Hansaguides’ mission is not just selling hotel rooms and packages, but promoting Estonia as a tourism destination. We fell in love with the country and we want to show you why that is.

Being expats ourselves, we can offer unique perspectives on Estonia and pick out those things that are amazing for foreigners, but are sometimes forgotten or deemed “normal” by locals.

Booking a holiday with us therefore means you have a guarantee on an amazing holiday, showing not only Estonia’s tourist hotspots, but enabling you as the traveller to go deeper into the country and discover the true nature of the country and its people.

All hotels and packages on this website have been very carefully selected to give you the best Estonia-experience possible and we do not promote anything we don’t believe is breathtaking enough for you.

In addition to the standard packages we offer, we will put together custom-made packages based on your interests with you, and that without any charges!

We are looking forward to receiving you as our guest in Estonia and look forward to hearing from you!

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Wout Verlinden & Koen Dossche
Hansaguides since 2011

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