Estonia’s countryside, nature and historical cities create a unique situation where you can indulge yourself in different areas while on vacation in a relatively small area.

Outdoor activities

Hansaguides offers the best guided tours in Tallinn which not only focus on the old town and its rich history, but also on the rest of the city which is often ignored by mainstream tourists. With us, you embark on an exciting journey through history and the different faces Tallinn has. Learn more about our tours on our guided tours page.

Are you more interested in the vast wilderness Estonian nature has to offer, then check out our page about nature activities in Estonia.

Finally, if you’re more of an adrenalin fan, then I’m sure you’ll be excited to hear about activities like buggy-racing, shooting an AK-47 in Tallinn and driving a car on ice. Explore our outdoor adventure activities in Estonia.

Indoor activities

Find a selection of Estonia’s best museums and other activities you can do inside for when it rains or is too cold outside.

Go Custom!

Do you feel like package travels are just not quite what you want? We take the effort to explain to you all the options of acitvities you can do in Estonia. We will book your own custom perfect trip to Estonia!