Business and conferences

Your company already established a daughter-company in Estonia, it has already found a reliable partner and several employees are frequently travelling to Estonia and staying over in hotels all around the country. Or your company is planning to make one or several inspections tours before making further decisons. HansaGuides offers its business clients special prices. More info at our business & conference page.

Several reputable financial publications have named Estonia an attractive “conference country” and many large foreign companies organise events here.  Read further why Estonia is a conference destination and how HansaGuides can help you setting up required events.




Estonia is a land of contrasts – the co-influence of seemingly distinct phenomena is seen here every day. The ancient walks hand in hand with the new, the northern untrusting nature with extreme openness, quietness with affection and small size with great ideas.

Estonia is a fresh and forward looking nation!

HansaGuides is always looking to expand it s partnerships, we are especially interested in tourism related parternships. We also offer consultancy services. If you wan to know more about our services , please have a look at our B2B page.



School Trips

Estonia is a progressive, affordable & new destination. There s blend of old traditions and new forward-looking mentality. Lots of nature at reasobnable distances provide all opportunities to organize a unforgettbale, educative schooltrip. Check out at our school trip page, what we – as HansaGuides- can offer and how to contact us. 




You are a member, president of a sportsclub and your team is preparing for the next season and a you want to include a teambuilding trip in the pre-competition phase?  Or your team is a bunch of friends and you are organizing every year a trip to strengthen your friendship? Or you are already invited by a local Estonian Team or an Estonian Federation and you are looking for accomodation and extra activities! HansaGuides will definitely design a nice customized travel package, which will serve your needs. take a look at the Groups page.

Or you are a social/hobby club, which is considering a citybreak, holiday in Europe. Why not choosing Estonia, as it is a new, exotic, affordable destination. togehther we will find the best suitable solution. See more at our Groups page.