The Estonian Business environment identity is charachterized by


  • Progress – ability to adapt fast
  • Nordic Influence – rational thinking caused by climatic conditions


Estonia is a land of contrasts – the co-influence of seemingly distinct phenomena is seen here every day. The ancient walks hand in hand with the new, the northern untrusting nature with extreme openness, quietness with affection and small size with great ideas.

Estonia is a fresh and forward looking nation!




Doing Business with Hansaguides


HansaGuides is always looking for:

  •  Tourism related partnerships


HansaGuides is offering:

  •  Consultancy services – all industries


We are always open & interested to meet companies, people from all over the world to look into partnership opportunities. As we are a travel agent and local Estonian touroperator, we are especially looking towards the tourism industry.

Next to tourism related partnerships, we offer consultancy services to all kind of  companies who would like to be introduced to the Estonian society or which are looking into specific businesss opportunities. If your company is looking for Estonian trade partners, investments or you would like to buy Estonian Services. At HansaGuides we know the country, so we know where to look!


Contact us via info@hansaguides.ee!


If you would like to organize a conference or your company is looking for accomodation, please have a look at our Business & conferences page!



Doing Business in Estonia


If your company is looking for Estonian trade partners, investments or you would like to buy Estonian Services.  Estonia is worth while looking into it and well because of several reasons:

  • Location
  • Ease of doing Business
  • ICT Sector
  • People



The geopolitical position, compactness, logistic capabilities and thousands of years of communication with nations to the North, West and East. Estonia is one of the Nordic countries and an integral part of one of the most valuable regions in
Europe, the core of which is Scandinavia. This is obvious in our sense of aesthetics, our appearance and temperament.

Getting to Estonia is easy. Most major European cities are less than two hours away by air. Tallinn is only 1 hour from Stockholm and Copenhagen and 2 hours from Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Estonia is an EU member and part of the Schengen visa zone; so most delegates won’t have to bother with customs or passport checks when arriving and departing.


Ease of doing business

An investment-friendly tax system with transparent and well-functioning legislation. Estonia has adopted the approach of a liberal economic policy, where private property is sacred and untouchable and where all entrepreneurs are treated equally.

Economic freedom, the ease of doing business rating, investments per capita, an exceptionally small public debt, membership of the Eurozone, low corruption index. All elements which create an interesting business environment!


ICT Sector

Information and communication technology that operates on the grassroots level of the country and connects people to their state. It is not about the Internet, it is about a way of thinking. Estonian society knows how to use (information) technology and to create a convenient infrastructure that satisfies the country’s needs.

Skype is a great alternative to have a chat with your neighbour when there is a blizzard outside; an ID card allows people to use bank and state services even in places that are kilometres away from the closest bank or state authority.

Internet access in Estonia is a human right not a privilege. Free wireless Internet is available in nearly all hotel rooms, not to mention at the airport and in restaurants, pubs and cafés throughout Estonia. It is no wonder that Estonia is one of the most powerful start-up countries, that both the NATO Cyber Defence Centre and the EU IT Agency operate here, and more than 90% of the population submits their income tax return over the Internet.



A communicative and clever nation with an evenly high level of education. English-speaking visitors will have no trouble communicating in Estonia. As residents of one of the smallest EU nations, Estonians have embraced the international language and English proficiency levels are quite high.