Sport clubs


Your team is preparing for the next season and a you want to include a teambuilding trip in the pre-competition phase?  Or your team is a bunch of friends and you are organizing every year a trip to strengthen your friendship? Or you are already invited by a local Estonian Team or an Estonian Federation and you are looking for accomodation and extra activities!



Looking for local Estonian teams !


HansaGuides has connections to many sportclubs in Estonia. We can arrange your group/team/sport club a full well-balanced package, where sports, adventure and some sightseeing are of course necessary ingredients!

Your holiday, team-building trip, training could include following elements:


It’s up to your team to choose the focus of the trip to Estonia! At HansaGuides we are sure that we can provide a nice, balanced trip which will 100% satisfy the group. HansaGuides helps out their customers in Dutch & English!


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Participating at an event in Estonia


You are invited by a local Estonian Team or you are participating in a European event in Estonia, please have a look at our Accomodation & Activities page. Contact us via  At HansaGuides, we are sure we can offer your group, fans, sportsclub some interesting acommodation offers and extra activities during your visit to Estonia.




 Hobby & Social Clubs


Searching a holiday destination for the upcoming year. Did you ever consider Estonia? Maybe you should…

Why choosing Estonia as your next destination:

  • Affordable destination
  • Nordic country
  • New destination and still a well kept secret
  • European Union & Eurozone
  • Nature all around
  • IT and tradition go hand in hand
  • Tallinn – a unique medieval city
  • HansaGuides= Dutch/English services


Estonia will definitely be positively surprising!


HansaGuides will help you out through the whole vacation-planning process. Airfares consulting, booking Ferry tickets, Booking Accomodation & other activities!

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