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Did You Know?


  • Tallinn is the oldest capital city in Northern Europe
  • Kalevipoeg, Suur Tõll and Leiger are the giants of Estonian mythology
  • In 1632 the first Estonian university was founded in Tartu, the intellectual city of Estonia.
  • The first ever Song Festival was held in Tartu
  • The Joint choir of the General Song Festival has the biggest number of singers in the world
  • Juniper berries are believed to help cure 99 diseases, Estonians are ‘Berry Junkies’
  • Skype is founded in Estonia and it has still its main development center in Tallinn
  • Tallinn is the home of the Christmas tree
  • The Power of the blast of the Kaali meteorite in Saaremaa was comparable to that of a
    nuclear bomb
  • For Estonians the word “bread” stands for a dark rye bread. The food commonly referred to as
    bread in the rest of the world has a separate word in Estonian – “sai” (white bread).
  • In Estonia it is possible to vote online
  • Estonians still enjoy drilling birches and maples to drink their sap – a custom considered as
    unheard-of luxury in the old Europe
  • 95% Estonians submit there taxes via the internet



Why a schooltrip to Estonia?


  • A new , affordable, progressive destination
  • A blend of old traditions and a forward-looking mentality
  • Lots of nature: forests, dunes, swamps, bogs, many lakes and 1500 islands!
  • It’ s a compact country, all sights can be visited without too many transfers
  • …it will be posivitely surprising



During a schooltrip in Estonia a blend of several topics could be offered to the students. Contact us via to create a surprising package! What could be on the menu:

  • Geography ( North Estonian Clint, boulders, ice-age remainders, bogs, Kaali meteorite crater…)
  • Nature (birds, wolves, bears, elks, losts of nature all around, the Northern Lights…)
  • Culture (Tallinn, Tartu, Manors in Estonia, Old traditions, Song Festival, …)
  • IT (University lectures, IT info sessions, e-Estonia course, visit a start-up,…)
  • Adventure (Canoeing on the Baltic Sea, a bicycle ride through Tallinn, bog wolks,…)
  • Unique experiences (floating sauna, Haabja workshops, bear watching & tracking,…)



There are too many activities & topics to list. Please have a look at our activities tab, you will definitely find some interesting offers to balance it out! Do not hesitate to contact us and we help you putting a full package together!


We welcome secundary schools and college students. At HansaGuides we love to satisfy you 100% by working out together a balanced schooltrip, including all necessary elements. We are sure it will be an unforgettable and positively surprising experience!



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