Brown Bear Tracking and Watching Estonia

Brown Bear Tracking & Watching


Scheduled trips 2015:

  • May 16-17
  • May 23-24
  • May 30-31
  • September 19-20



During this tour we spend a night in brown bear hide and from there it is very good possibility to see the bears. We drive 1,5 hours from Tallinn to Alutaguse N-E of Estonia, it is the core area of Estonian 800 Brown Bears.

Before going to the hide, we look for brown bear claw marks, slots and droppings, tracks and marks as we drive and walk. Guide gives great view about brown bear biology.

In the evening we’ll head and set up for the night in the hide, which offers comfortable viewing with seats, bunk beds with sleeping bags and a dry toilet. Next morning we drive back to Tallinn.



  • Period: May-June / September-October
  • Group size: 4/8 pax
  • Duration: About 18 hours, including a night in the Brown Bear hide
  • Grading: Walking is mainly on good level tracks but we may also enter the forest in search of tracks and signs and this terrain can be a little more difficult
  • Clothes: Warm clothes and comfortable (preferably waterproof) footwear are necessary.  It can be quite chilly at night.
  • We pick you up in Tallinn at your hotel. More information will be given during booking.
  • Not suitable for children under 12.



  • Price: 135 Euro pp


Price inludes

  • A night in the Brown Bear hide
  • Brown Bear Watching from the hide
  • Guided Brown Bear tracking
  • Tea and water in the hide
  • Sleeping bags in the hide


Custom Tour

  • Individual tourists & groups are welcome to book a trip via
  • Period: May/June & September/October
  • Maximum: 9 persons




These trips fill quickly so try to plan your dates and book your holiday as soon as possible!  We also have the expertise to discuss your requirements and arrange suitable accommodation and a rental car for your itinerary. When you would like to travel with your friends we would be happy to give you more information or offer an extra tour with special price whenever you find a suitable time.



The Brown Bear population in Estonia is 600 and rising. Their primary “home” is in Alutaguse, the large forested region that includes a nature reserve and a bog in north-eastern Estonia, close to the Russian border.  Bears hibernate from the mid of November till the end of March. Wandering through forests at the beginning of April you can sometimes unexpectedly come upon bears freshly emerged from their winter sleep accompanied by young and still foolish cubs. The best time to observe and photograph the bears at feeding places is during May till mid of July, when the nights are bright.
In August and in the beginning of September bears find enough food from the oat fields or collecting wildberries but return to feeding places again in September and October to gorge before  hibernation.



We will spend the early afternoon exploring on foot and by vehicle in one of the Estonian´s best known Brown Bear regions looking for signs, droppings and scratching on the trees with our local specialist. As you walk, you will need to be as quiet as you can.You have a slim chance of seeing one of the more elusive residents such as Wolf, Lynx and Wild Boar! Even if you don´t see any of these animals, you will have plenty of fun deciphering the many mammal tracks we find along the way! At the late afternoon (6:00 pm), the local specialist will guide you through the forest (1 km) to the Bear Hide.
The wooden hide is cozy, with comfortable 8+1 seats and viewing slots at the front, beds at the back for those not prepared to sit up all through the night. Plus sleeping bags and mats for everyone.
At the far end is a separate dry toilet (wet napkins/tissues offered by us). You need to be prepared for staying in the hide for through until 8:00 am at least, however, it is possible to sleep in hide as well.
Brown Bear can appear at any time during the night (sometimes even before dark). Racoon Dogs and sometimes even wolves can also occasionally be seen.



Normal outdoor clothing is recommended. We recommend to dress in layers, because it can be quite chilly during the night and in the early hours in the morning.
Rubber boots are necessary during day-walking! Mosquitos can be plentiful in May-June, they are not so much of a problem in September-October.