Tallinn Old Town

Old Town Adventure Game


The Old Town Adventure is  appropriate for introducing the Old Town to foreign visitors. This is a competitive adventure, where you have to orient on the streets of Old Town and solve assignments.

How does the game work?

At the beginning of the game, we divide the participants in small teams (3-5 people), so everyone will have something to do.  The goal is for the team to fill out a crossword puzzle related to the Old Town quickly and exactly. This consists of some general questions and 22 questions related to Old Town. Help is provided by an GPS device (or map) and the resourcefulness of the team members. No holds bar to find the answers! In addition to orientation skills, the team must put their thinking and detecting skills to work to find the right answers!

The team itself decides how to find the solutions to the questions. What makes it especially exciting is that this is not just orientation, rather strategy and tactics play a great role. To be successful, the team has to be resourceful, in order to find the answers, and speed to reach the checkpoints.

During the search for answers, the players will end up in the Toompea Castle, the town wall, as well as Fat Margaret and other historical places.
The team wins that best solves the crossword puzzle during the assigned time or solves the entire puzzle the fastest. The game lasts about 2-1/2 hours.

Later a summary and a small analysis of the tactics of the various teams are made together, and the prizes are awarded to the best teams.  The end of the game can be organized outside during the summer or in a pub-restaurant at any time. The teams usually meet under the clock in the Town Hall Square to start, but they can also start elsewhere in the Old Town.

In case of the GPS-version of the game, we use highly sensitive Garmin devices that are equipped with street maps.


Key Information


Duration 2-2.5 hours
When All year and day & night!
Languages English, Finnish


10 persons 284 euro
Each additional person 16 euro
36-50 persons 669 euro
51-70 persons 799 euro


Prices include VAT 20%.