Practical Info

Are you looking for a simple and well-structured quick guide to Estonia, then search no longer, because you have come to the right address. In this section we offer you the best and most up to date overview of some practical information regarding your visit to Estonia.

Travelling to Estonia

Estonians often feel isolated from the rest of the world, because it largely borders the Finnish Gulf and the Baltic Sea, yet it is well connected to at least the rest of Europe by air, sea and land travel. Find out how to get here from your location on our dedicated page about travelling to Estonia.

Transport inside Estonia

(Public) Transport inside Estonia is a reliable way of getting around. Yet if you really want to explore the country, we recommend renting a car. For information on buses, trains and local transport in Tallinn, click here.

Car rental Estonia

Renting a car in Estonia is easy and cheap, thanks to hansaguides. Our local partner has a large fleet of modern and reliable cars, an overview of which you can find on our car rental page. Do not get tricked by the large rental companies to pay twice the amount you should pay! Even comparing to Budget autorent, we can usually offer much lower prices.

Food and Drink

Estonian kitchen offers a smooth mix of styles and you can find a restaurant for every preference, especially in Tallinn. Read our food and drink top tips on this page.

Going out

Fancy a night in the club? Or why not chill in one of the many cozy bars in Tallinn? Read all about Tallinn’s nightlife scene on our page on going out.