Going out


If your day only begins after the sun goes down, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to live it up in Estonia. The party hot spots are concentrated in the bigger cities like Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu. The nightclubs in the southern Estonian ski results are popular in winter, while in summer people head also for Pärnu and Saaremaa. The number and variety of clubs means everyone should be able to find one to suit their musical and style tastes. Party places are usually open 7 days a week until the early hours. Prices and crowds vary according to the theme of an event and its location, but in terms of quality there’s no arguing that the Estonian scene is up there with the rest of Europe.




Club Studio Vabank Teater Venus
 Electronic Pop  Dance Pop
 Clu Stuudio - Tallinn  Vabank Tallinn  Teater Tallinn  Venus Tallinn


Kuku club Von Krahl Club Münt Clazz
 Artsy  Rock Electronic  Jazz
 Kuku Klubi  Von Krahl Tallinn  Club Münt Tallinn  Clazz Tallinn


Butterfly lounge Déja Vu Lai V Bar Lounge 24
 Lounge  Lounge Lounge  Lounge
 Butterfly Lounge Tallinn  Déja Vu Tallinn  Lai V Bar Tallinn  Lounge 24 Tallinn