This category holds information about holidays in Estonia for leisure travellers. You may choose to travel on your own, booking only accommodation with us, or select one of our ready-made packages. We also offer free holiday-consulting; tell us what your interests are and we will tailor-make you a great holiday based on your preferences!


Over the years, we have established contacts with many of the most outstanding accommodation providers in Tallinn and Estonia. You can find a list of these on our accommodation page. Booking through Hansaguides guarantees good and fast service, hassle free booking and sharp prices.


Here are our some of our favourite hotels in Estonia:

My City Hotel  My City Hotel is a Italian-owned hotel in the old town of Tallinn. The Italian ownership shows in its classy interior and attention to detail. Guests have been particularly happy about the rooms, the breakfast and the location. We personally like it for the same reasons. Starting at 43 euros per night per person, it’s also very affordable. Book a room at My City Hotel.
Vihula_1  Vihula manor complex in Lahemaa National Park can cater to all types of guests. It has rooms in different buildings, all with their own history and style. The location near the pond is breathtaking and is probably why it’s so popular for local weddings. A stroll through nature or to the sea is possible without having to drive anywhere. Rooms start from 37,5 euros a person, which is a steal for what you get! Book a room at Vihula Manor.
Dagen Guesthouse Hiiumaa  Dagen Haus is a renovated barn on the island of Kassari on Hiiumaa. From here you can take a walk to the end of the world (Saare Tirp) or rent a bicycle and explore the peaceful surroundings. The attic rooms offer an amazing view of the surrounding wildlife, especially in bird migration season. You can get a room for 22 euros per person, so what are you waiting for? Book a room at Dagen Haus.

Nature packages

Are you a nature lover and are you interested in exploring one of the last pieces of untouched nature in Europe? Then Estonia won’t disappoint you. Home to bears, wolves, lynxes, eagles, seals and vast unspoiled forests, any nature lover’s wet dream lies on the coast of the Finnish gulf, waiting for you to visit. Discover our nature packages now!


Adventure packages

Looking for an adventure? Estonian nature is the perfect setting to go into the wild. Or do you rather like to stay closer to the capital and combine adventure with some urban sigthseeing. Dive into our adventure offers rightaway!


Cultural packages

You like to learn about other cultures,  you love to read history books or you are amazed by  Medieval cities, folkloric tradions, … Estonia has been ruled by many nations, but it has never lost its own identity. You ll find here a mix of a Nordic & Eastern culture, waiting for you to be discovered. Check our Culture packages!


Wellness packages

If there was a competition for selecting the spa kingdom of the world, Estonia could easily snatch that title. Tens of thousands of tourists flock to Estonia each year in order to spend their holiday in a local spa. Indeed, there is one for every taste and need – from those providing simple relaxation to highly specialised medical establishments. In addition to spas also sports and hiking tracks, different sports events, golf courses and simply relaxing by the seaside provide a healthy and invigorating change from the everyday routine. Find it out on our Wellness page!


Romance Packages

Love is in the air in Estonia and it’s more romantic than Paris, so some people say. Lots of manor houses are located all over the country, always accompanied by unique natural settings and often within national parks.You and your loved one will definitely feel special when visiting one of those luxury accomodations. The deserted beaches, wild forests and quaint villages all help create the mood.

If you do not have the time to visit the countryside, then we offer Tallinn as one of the most romantic places in the world. Lots of little restaurants, bars and Tallinn’s Medieval appearance will fit the purpose of a romantic escape. Look which romantic packages we have to offer!